Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

4V300 Air Controlled Solenoid Valve

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4V300 Air Controlled Solenoid Valve
4V300 Air Controlled Solenoid Valve



4V300 Seriers valve which is Pilot type soleniod valve ,Including G1/4 and G3/8 connector port ,Can work at 1.5-8bar ,Thread type and Namur type are available, in this series ,4V310-10 Pnuematic valve is most regular item for Thread type ,And 4V310-08B is Most regular item for Namur type

Ordering Code


Mode 4V310-08 4V320-08 4V330C-08 4V330E-08 4V330P-08 4V310-10 4V320-10 4V330C-10 4V330E-10 4V330P-10
4A310-08 4A320-08 4A330C-08 4A330E-08 4A330P-08 4A310-10 4A320-10 4A330C-10 4A330E-10 4A330P-10
Type 5/2 5/3 5/2 5/3
Flow rate 25mm2(Cv=1.40) 18mm2(Cv=1.00) 30mm2(Cv=1.68) 18mm2(CV=1.0)



3V310-08 3V320-08 3A310-08 3A320-08 3V310-10 3V320-10 3A310-10 3A320-10
Type 3/2 3/2
Flow rate 25mm2(Cv=1.40) 30mm2(Cv=1.68)
Connection ports Inlet = Outlet = Exhaust = G1/4" Inlet = Outlet = G3/8" Exhaust = G1/4"
Media Clean air
Working type Pilot
Working pressure 0.15 ~ 0.8MPa
Max. pressure 1.2MPa
Ambient temp -5 ~ 50℃
Voltage tolerance ±10%
Power AC:4.5VA DC:3W
Insulation class
Protection class
F class. IP65
Terminal Flying Lead Or Din43650B PIN
Frequency 5 cycles/s
Response time 0.05s


Technical characteristics

1, guide way: external and internal optional;

2. Sliding column structure, good sealing, sensitive reaction;

3, three position solenoid valves have three central functions to choose from.

4, double head two position solenoid valve has memory function;

5. The inner hole is processed by special technology with small friction resistance, low starting air pressure and long service life.

6. No fuel lubrication is needed.

7. The valve group can be integrated with the base to save installation space.

8. The installation of manual equipment is conducive to the installation and commissioning.

9. There are a variety of standard voltage grades for selection.


Installation and use

1. Before use, check whether the components are damaged during transportation, then install and use them.

2. When installing, please pay attention to the direction of gas flow and the correct shape of the nozzle. The medium must be filtered by 40um filter core.

3, please pay attention to whether the installation conditions are in accordance with the technical requirements (such as "voltage", "operating frequency", "working pressure", "temperature range", etc.) and then installed and used.

4. When installing, pay attention to the direction of gas flow. P is the intake port, A (B) is the working port and R (S) is the exhaust port.

5, try to avoid using in vibrant environment, and pay attention to anti freezing measures at low temperature.

6. When connecting the pipeline, pay attention to the winding zone that can not exceed the end of the joint. Pay attention to clear the dust and iron dust in the pipe joint and avoid impurities or foreign objects into the valve body.

7. Pay attention to dust prevention. We suggest installing mufflers or muffler throttle valves at the exhaust ports. Dust jackets should be installed at the inlet and outlet ports when not in use.

8, when the whole machine is being debugged, it is recommended to use manual device to debug first, then electrify and debug.

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